Just made a teaser for my online-book (cyberpunk & self-discovery)!

Desireé - an android's awakening


On the 6th of December we presented TWO fabulous anthologies. "Wir, bewegende Steine" is from the Platform "literatur*grenzenlos"  and  "Words & Worlds 2017" from Verein Worte & Welten.  This wonder presentation was combined with honoring Human Rights Day (Tag der Menschenrechte). Special thanks to PEN Austria for the support!

"Wir, bewegende Steine" has German texts from Austrians and people living in Austria with a migrational background (like me).  "Words & Worlds 2017" is a best of collection of three issues of W&W's online magazine . The poems and texts are in either German and the author's native language or in English and the author's native language.  My personal works were written in German, then translated by me into English. 

Since I read out of the "Wir, bewegende Steine" anthology in summer 2017, I was asked to read my English-German texts from "Words & Worlds 2017". This video shows my reading. I also had the honor to read an English poem from Mohan Rana (Germany/India) because he could not attend. Both readings are on this video. 

Sorry, but the tone quality is lausy... (English texts come after like 2 minutes or so)


To watch the video click on the picture or here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/BGNPkw77KDA

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I almost forgot about this video. It shows a bit of everything I like to do.

A "must see"! 




Am 20.06.17 hielten wir eine Lesung beim PEN Club Austria anlässlich des Weltflüchtlingstags. Die Lesung war ein Erfolg! Mitglieder der Plattform "literatur*grenzenlos" haben Texte aus der kommenden Anthologie "Wir, bewegende Steine" gelesen. Die Anthologie sollte im Herbst 2017 erscheinen. Ab der Veröffentlichung möchten wir mit den anderen Teilnehmer*innen (die auch Mitglieder sind von z.B. vom Kärntner Schriftstellerverband und World Art Games Austria) Lesungen und Veranstaltungen organisieren.   Klick HIER für mein Video


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This is one of my older Videos. Since then I have revamped this text and translated it into German. It was published in 2017 by Words and Worlds Magazine (Link).  

Here is the link to YouTube.

Here is a SLOVAK version of the old text, if you like: HERE