Back by popular demand... or the COVID-19 situation!

In any case, I am doing more English and German readings the next couple months. Together with the PEN Club Austria we will do some more diverse readings, too.


Can't wait to see you there!


======= QR #01 ==============



ein Gefühl von Selbstvertrauen
erfüllte sein Wesen.
Er konnte berge versetzen

nichts konnte ihn bezwingen
er lachte!
er lachte!
das Biest der Melancholie war besiegt
sein Wille war frei…



a sense of confidence filled his being
he could move mountains
nothing could overcome him
he was laughing!
he was laughing!
the beast of melancholy was defeated
his will was set free...





 =======QR #03 ==============




"Learn from me"


Autumn throws leaves


receiving Winter's snow


falling of apples


and chestnuts


fill the storage




whispering trees


"We let go,


so you may be full.


Take my limbs


for your fire."




Selflessness of nature


shows us the


nature of selflessness


which helps us through


cold times


where all are dead


that we may live.





=======QR #02 ========






~ broken


passion silenced


a heart so torn


no, you didn't know


life's just terrible


that way, you know


~ lost


love is a pathfinder


~ deserted


telling you, I love you


would make it worse


~ abandoned hope


maybe I will try


again tomorrow


enduring sand in my soul







 =======QR #04 ==============


shimmer of hope


 thousand voices speak confusion

 only a child

 so unwanted

 so abandoned


home has become a curse

chances so plenty as money

only the voices of the 



and of fear

echo on the walls

of his being


not even in the refuge of his soul

is there a quite place

somewhere full peace

or childhood