If you are looking for the Mark Klenk that lived in Iowa, Arizona, Colorado and moved Vienna, Austria (Europe)... that is most likely me.

I am part of the platforms "literatur*grenzenlos", "Words & Worlds" and "Writers in Prison". All platforms are working under the wings of the PEN Club Austria. Not to mention some awesome other writers' clubs (see below).

Additionally, I finished a couple books in German (Heads-up, international publishers!) and I just finished writing Book Two of my urban fantasy series (in German, too!). So exciting!

With some luck, you will find my chapbooks scattered throughout Vienna. Writing is my passion!


 At the moment, I am a member for the following groups: 

* PEN-CLUB AUSTRIA (http://penclub.at/)

- additionally Platform literatur*grenzenlos (http://penclub.at/literaturgrenzenlos/)

- additionally Platform Writers in Prison (http://wip.penclub.at/)

IGdA (https://www.igdanet.com/)

* Institut für Jugendliteratur (

* Editoral team for Words & Worlds (https://www.wordsandworldsmagazine.com/)

* More to come. ;o)