If you are looking for the Mark Klenk that lived in Iowa, Arizona, Colorado and moved Vienna, Austria (Europe)... that is most likely me.

I am part of the platform "literatur*grenzenlos"  and "words and worlds". Both platforms are working under the wings of the PEN Club Austria.

Additionally, I finished a couple books in German (still looking for publishers!) and am almost finished writing Book One of my urban fantasy series (in German, too!). Writing is my passion!

 At the moment, I am a member for the following groups: 

* PEN-CLUB AUSTRIA (http://penclub.at/)

- additionally Platform literatur*grenzenlos (http://penclub.at/literaturgrenzenlos/)

IGdA (https://www.igdanet.com/)

* Institut für Jugendliteratur (http://www.jugendliteratur.at)

* Editoral team for Words & Worlds (https://www.wordsandworldsmagazine.com/)

* More to come. ;o)