Cyberpunk and steampunk are better known genres as most people think. Since I love all types of fiction, I write all types of fiction. Give it a chance and take a look!

If you like CYBERPUNK and can read ENGLISH come visit me at Wattpad and Sweek. Each week I will be releasing a new chapter of "Desireé's Writings"!


if you like STEAMPUNK and can read GERMAN, I will be posting new chapters of "Roten Turm Pass" each week for your steampunk-reading-pleasure!

Pass on the word to anyone who likes these genres!

Fun news!

John Furste aka Jack Brown NYC composed a version of my text "The Bridge" to his (brilliant) music (style). Guaranteed to please!

Take time to listen!

When you are at it...    see my stuff, too. ;o)  


ATTENTION musicians & DJs: I am looking for more collaborations! 

I tested my "Lesungskoffer" (suitcase for readings). 
It is packed full of free give aways (chapbooks, candy and poems)
There is also a eBook with my ePoems to read
and a nice leather book with poems-to-go. 

Yesterday (17th of July 2019) we celebrated the release of our second anthology!
Gestern feierten wir die Veröffentlichung unserer zweiten Anthologie!

Danke PEN Club Austria und Plattform literatur*grenzenlos !

Ich freue mich auf IGdAs "aktuell" 01/2019!

My short story "Innere Dämonen" found its way into publication!