The German edition of my "famous" Vienna Chapbooks are now online at Wattpad. 

You can find "unsanfte gedichte" here:

For the bi-lingual hardcopies, you will need to come to one of my readings or have some luck, when I drop them off at the public bookshelves!

I'm looking forward to 2020!!! Lots of stuff to come!



Just made a teaser for my online-book (cyberpunk & self-discovery)!

Desireé - an android's awakening

Fun news!

John Furste aka Jack Brown NYC composed a version of my text "The Bridge" to his (brilliant) music (style). Guaranteed to please!

Take time to listen!

When you are at it...    see my stuff, too. ;o)  


ATTENTION musicians & DJs: I am looking for more collaborations! 

Cyberpunk and steampunk are better known genres as most people think. Since I love all types of fiction, I write all types of fiction. Give it a chance and take a look!

If you like CYBERPUNK and can read ENGLISH come visit me at Wattpad and Sweek. Each week I will be releasing a new chapter of "Desireé's Writings"!


if you like STEAMPUNK and can read GERMAN, I will be posting new chapters of "Roten Turm Pass" each week for your steampunk-reading-pleasure!

Pass on the word to anyone who likes these genres!

Yesterday (17th of July 2019) we celebrated the release of our second anthology!
Gestern feierten wir die Veröffentlichung unserer zweiten Anthologie!

Danke PEN Club Austria und Plattform literatur*grenzenlos !